Czechoslovakian Love
Hi. We made this blog for everyone who shares our love for our two beautiful countries - the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
It doesn't matter whether you were born and raised in the heart of Europe, or just fell in love with it during your travels, please feel free to follow, ask questions, tell us your stories or submit your photos :)
Brought to you by two slovak girls :)

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Fun fact: the Polish word for a “tip” is “napiwek” which literally means “for-beer”. As in “have some money to buy yourself a beer later”.

um, sorry to disappoint you but in french it’s kind of the same thing, it’s called “pourboire” which literally means “for drinking”… europe, we’re all alcoholics here! :)

OMG. I never really thought about it, but in Hungarian it’s borravaló, which literally means “for wine.”

Same in German. It’s “Trinkgeld” — “drinking money.” And that ain’t water we’re talking about.

I find it hilarious, in light of this, that in Russian it’s chayevyie which means “[money] for tea”.

I never knew?? In Romanian we have ‘bacşiş’ from Turkish/originally Persian, which I know has the meaning of present/grant/gratuity but apparently in a secondary sense it also means ‘drink money’?

'sprepitné' in Slovak, from 'prepiť' = drink (away)


Lednice Castle, Czech Republic (by Alan1954)


Lednice Castle, Czech Republic (by Alan1954)
le potato talk {WESTERN SLAVIC TIME}
  • Polish: ziemniak (◡‿◡✿)
  • Slovak: zemiak (◡‿◡✿)
  • Czech: ...BRAMBOR (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • Polish: ...
  • Slovak: ...
  • Slovak: ... take your brambor with you and go to the corner to think what you've done here.

Midnight in Prague (pt.4) by impo5siblr

Slovak Sunset by richie181
❝ Oné

— Slovak pronoun used when one can’t remember certain word, resp. doesn’t want to pronounce it (via knowslovakia)

nationalgeographicprague : Hello! I am in Prague with National Geographic Student Expeditions for a photography workshop, and we are going to have a show of our work. I was wondering if you and any of your friends would like to come. It would help us out a lot, and we would absolutely love to see you there! The information for the event is on our Tumblr. Thank you! -Olivia

That sounds lovely! Unfortunately I won’t be able to come, but I wish I could. Have fun :)

Edit: The info on you tumblr - is it supposed to be July 10th instead of June 10th?


Kosice, Slovakia (by zelovoc)


Kosice, Slovakia (by zelovoc)

City wallpapers by balkanicon


Ústí nad Labem (16.3.2013), Czech republic


Z dnešní noci


Z dnešní noci

(Source: jamiebenn)

Midnight in Prague (pt.3) by impo5siblr

Old times by koviskylla


Šumava, Czech Rebulic by pernicek